Monday, October 15, 2007

That Little Israeli Strike

It amazes me that the American media hasn't picked up more on the recent Israeli incursion into Syria. But the American and Israeli governments have been virtually silent on the recent air raid, only acknowledging one had been made. The New York Times recently wrote an article on the attack and cited officials as for the reasoning for the attack: Syria was constructing a nuclear reactor modeled on that of North Korea's.

Does no one in the American media think this is big news? Syria is attempting to create a nuclear reactor...and they have obtained the know-how from North Korea. I would think this would be huge news considering the obvious ties between the Syrian and Iranian governments. If Syria is attempting to create any type of nuclear device, it is most likely doing so under the direction of the Iranian government. I don't believe that is a stretch at all to say.

Additionally, since we know North Korea already has nuclear weaponry, there has to be some question as how much technology and intellect has been passed from North Korea to Syria (and eventually to Iran) or if there is a direct North Korea/Iran connection of the passing of this information. Not examining these questions is a major faux pau. But, truly investigating these connections would be counter-productive to the assertions that no country in the Middle East is a danger to American interests. A true investigation could prove the dangers are larger and more pressing than we had previously imagined.

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