Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Should West Virginia Secede from the Union?

Inspired by Secessionists meeting in Tennessee, the question has to be asked whether West Virginia should secede from the Union. The simple answer is probably not. Look how many people in this state depend on the federal government for assistance. There probably isn't enough money in this state to actually support those people.

But, the thought of being an independent state is appealing. Maybe setup a lower tax rate hoping to draw in more business. Legalize some things to attract vacationers. I have said for years we can probably survive. But the welfare class in this state would be SOL. At least for awhile...until the economy started roaring. And then you would find those people jobs...not make them a burden of the state.

I've long advocated a look at it. I'm not really recommending secession but the possibilities of getting a chance to start over do look appealing. Especially considering the state of today's federal government and dependencies they have created. And the taxes I have to pay to take care of those dependents. Oh, the possibilities....

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Greg said...

Can we at least make Kentucky take Logan county?