Thursday, October 18, 2007

Football Predictions

Instead of boring everyone with my work today, I will just make some football goes:

Wheeling Park 28 - Fairmont Senior 21 - Fairmont is probably a better football team but it's up at Wheeling Island and I just don't like the way it looks.

Morgantown 24 - John Marshall 13 - Mohigans will get their "swagger" back before the MoHawk Bowl.

Bridgeport 35 - Nicholas County 24 - Could Bridgeport compete for the AAA championship this year? It's a good possibility. It wasn't very long ago since I was chiding them for trying to stay in AA just to have an easier path to the state playoffs. Looks like their move up to AAA hasn't hurt them that much.

RCB 45 - Parkersburg South 20 - No idea how good Parkersburg South is but I've heard their not very good. RCB is.

East Fairmont 32 - Buckhannon 18 - Bees need this one to keep homefield advantage hopes alive. There is a major showdown looming on November 2nd at East/West Stadium. Get by this one and things start to get interesting.

Rutgers 24 - South Florida 14 - South Florida has never been this highly ranked. Rutgers needs a big win at home. South Florida blows it. Rutgers puts WVU back in the Big East driver's seat.

Kentucky 35 - Florida 28 - Florida isn't as good as they were last year and Kentucky has enough confidence to beat Florida down in Gainsville. (Honestly, I don't believe Kentucky has any chance of winning this game but that is precisely why they will...)

WVU 42 - MSU 24 - Pat White or no Pat White, WVU needs to open a can against MSU. The Bulldogs have some good wins this year and aren't nearly the patsies they were last year. Slaton needs a big game and the WVU defense had better continue their dominating performances. Coach Rod doesn't like this SEC game in the middle of the conference schedule...quite frankly, I don't either. Tougher than people might think.

On a sidenote, some media outlets still think WVU has an outside shot for the BCS championship game after all the upsets. So, they need to win big. There's also talk that if they make the BCS as an at-large, the Rose Bowl could come calling with their first pick. How awesome would that be?

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