Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore, Global Warming and Bill O'Reilly

I must admit that I'm a little (or a lot) turned off by politics at the moment. It's campaign season and we still have over a year before we elect a new president. The candidate aren't really attacking one another...Hilary is running away with the Democrat nomination because Obama is too afraid to take a stand on an issue and the Republican candidates are just...well, boring. But I digress....

Just happened to catch Bill O'Reilly on Jay Leno last night and, of course, the subject of Al Gore and his recent Nobel Prize win came up along with the topic of global warming. O'Reilly congratulated Gore and then expressed his view on global warming and it matches with mine pretty much, here goes:

The world temperature has gone up. Now, the question is whether you believe this has been caused by man or by normal weather patterns. But regardless of what you believe is causing the warming, the campaign by Algore is something you can't fight. Who is against a cleaner environment? Who wouldn't enjoy decreasing our dependency on oil and other natural resources? Everyone wants a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

But Gore's campaign causes trouble because they've turned it into a purely political issue. Al Gore spends his time blaming Americans and the United States for the environmental problems while ignoring the increasing pollutants coming from China and India. Al Gore dedicates his time to blaming Republicans because we won't shut down businesses or pass unrealistic environmental standards. Instead of proposing real options for change and improvement, Gore is too busy assigning blame without solutions. And that's where the divide occurs.

The simple fact is everyone should be able to stand behind a cleaner environment. I enjoy clean water and clean air. And I don't know anyone who doesn't. But you have to work with people instead of wasting your energies trying to make people feel guilty and resentful of your cause. If Gore truly cares about the environment, he should work with everyone to create initiatives that reach out to all instead of using it to divide Americans and win points for his liberal brethren.

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