Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting People

Well, I attended the Fairmont Senior/Buckhannon-Upshur game last night. Let's just say it wasn't pretty for Buckhannon. West Side winning was a foregone conclusion about 3 minutes into the game. The real question was whether the Polar Bears would score 100 points. By halftime. They didn't...but it wasn't much of a game. Which gave me plenty of time to observe the interesting people around me. Boy, do I wish I had a camera.

The highlight of the evening was a gentleman in front of my posse who had a lovely doo rag and red. Very nicely tied in the back. He had a very nice traditional goatee...looks like he'd been working on it for a while. Cutoff t-shirt. Really a traditional "biker dude" I suppose.

Anyway, he and his lady friend had lost interest in the game by the 3rd quarter and began getting a little close. Obviously many jokes ensued...but all subdued as we didn't want this man to destroy us. A little kissing...a little touching. I'm not going to guess what type of exchanges were being made...but they were tight. Anyway, at some point this woman gets up and leaves and the biker man moves over a seat next to the next woman. Now, there was no hanky-panky occuring with this new woman but he moved in very, very close. Like, leaning behind her pretty much.

So, he sat like this for 10 minutes or so when the first lady returned. And she sat on his other side now so hew as surrounded by his women. I'll leave it at that...draw your own conclusions. I just wish I had taken my camera...

Anyway, Mountaineers destroyed Syracuse. Wisconsin lost. Georgia is losing. If Florida loses tonight, West Virginia should move back into the Top 10 in tomorrow's polls. That will be nice...more later.

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