Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reflections on a USC Loss

I will now take a moment to reflect on the USC Trojans loss. *snickers...into a full blown laugh* *wiping tears from face from laughing so hard*

Okay...I'm done. All I can say is that it is about time some undeserving opponent beat the Trojans. They barely snuck by Washington. But they blow out Nebraska. And Washington State. But over the past several years, USC has made their living by playing down to the level of their opponent and breaking their hearts at the last moment. Not this time though...a 41-point underdog finally made them pay for overlooking their weaker opponents. And I couldn't be more happy.

So, with USC having a loss, it's time to look at some other teams who could play for a national championship:

LSU - Florida was their toughest game but they still have Auburn and Kentucky on the schedule. And keep an eye on November 3rd when they visit Alabama and former god-like coach, Nick Saban. That should be an amazing game. And there's that little matter of an SEC championship game.

California - Oregon State, Washington State, Arizona State and USC is still on the schedule. I would say UCLA is on there but obviously UCLA is horrible. If they can navigate through the Pac 10 undefeated, they definitely deserve a shot over...

Ohio State - The Big 10 is not better than the Pac 10. Michigan lost of Appy State. Penn State was overrated. Watch out of Wisconsin and Illinois back-to-back. Ron Zook might spoil the Buckeyes hope this year.

Boston College - UGH! I hope not. At Virginia Tech, at Maryland and at Clemson should prove a dagger for BC. They also have Florida State on November 3rd. And close the season with Miami. Surely someone will beat them. Please?

South Florida - Well, they play at Rutgers on October 18th. Probably not real cold then. They get Louisville and Cincinatti at home, which could give them a major advantage. If they are undefeated heading into a Pittsburgh on November 24th, that could be interesting. Snow and cold weather...and, by that time, Dave Wannstedt will be playing for his coaching job because surely, by then, most Pitt faithful will be trying to chase him out of town. I think they'll blow one somewhere...

Lastly today, Oklahoma - Might be the best team in the country. Sure, they lost to Colorado but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were looking foward to Texas. Schedule looks pretty easy to navigate if they can get by Missouri this weekend. And they are definitely in the best position of all the 1-loss teams. And they'll have that Big 12 Championship game to worry about...but Oklahoma is clearly the power of the Big 12.

(Oh, and West Virginia could sneak back in...but a lot of things would have to break the right everyone lose...a couple times.)

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