Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And the schedule dies...

Up until last Friday, our entire enterprise upgrade was on-schedule. And then it died. A holdup in the final release of our Document Management System has completely thrown our schedule into chaos. I am currently sitting on a conference call...trying to hash out a new schedule. 4 week delay? 6 week delay? It's not looking good. So, this upgrade that was scheduled to drag on until March now will drag on through April. And that's really, really disappointing to everyone.

It's amazing to watch how everything depends on everything else to work. One snafu and the whole project is railroaded. It's very difficult to stay motivated when there is a 6-week delay in work. I'm not sure if we continue in low gear or just stop and pick back up in 4 weeks and try to get it cooking again. I'm aiming for the low gear approach. Continue working but at a slower pace so people don't forget where they stand on each project.

Regardless, it now looks like this rollout is going to begin around Christmas time. Ah, I'm not pleased with that. But, what are you going to do? It's just the way things go sometimes...I guess.

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