Saturday, October 06, 2007

I am sick of...

I know I'm missing things...but here are some of the top things I am sick of in college football:

Beamer Ball. Sick of hearing about it and being educated on it every time I try to watch a Virginia Tech football game. I don't like Virginia Tech and I'm not a big fan of Frank Beamer so it takes a lot of effort to even watch them play. The talking of Beamer Ball makes it almost impossible.

Owen Schmitt's face masks.'s cool that he has broken 9 face masks. But do I have to be reminded of it every time he touches the ball. I think I could get beyond the mention of it if they didn't also bring up a stat bubble like it is an official statistic. I believe today's said something like "Holds WVU record for broken face masks (9)." Is that necessary? And who researches that? I think Sam Huff might have something to say about that record.

Annoucers who don't pay attention to the game (or don't know the game). I believe it was the Kentucky game when some announcer chastised the coach for using a timeout. He acted as though the clock was going to be stopped if the coach didn't call the timeout. That was incorrect. There had been a penalty on the play but it was declined...therefore, since it had been a running play that ended in-bounds, the clock would begin running with the whistle. Therefore, to stop the clock, a timeout must be called. So, the coach made the correct call. The announcer was a complete moron and either the other announcer was also a moron or was too embarassed to correct him. Watch the game nad know the freakin' rules. And, if you don't know for sure, keep your fool mouth shut.

Announcers who can't pronounce names. Along the same lines as the previous. If you are working a game, learn to pronounce the players names. Especially the playmakers. Ray-nard? I heard it more than once. There was several mispronuciations during the game...that's just the one I remember being repeated over and over. I can forgive calling him No-el or Nol...that could be a local dialect thing. But it is definitely not Darius Ray-NARD.

Heisman talk. Why do we have to start the Heisman watch in August? Seriously. I am sick of the ESPN announcer who takes a player off his Heisman list every week. Slaton last week. Pat White this week. Like they can't play their way back on? And it's amazing the people they add after one good week. Okay, Slaton only runs for 80 this week so he's off and some guy who threw for 400-yards is tops. Give me a break.

Lou Holtz. Where to begin? The pep talks? L-A-M-E. His predictions? Weird. His talking? Confusing. He's like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. Hard to watch...but harmless. Sometimes completely unlikeable but senile enough that you feel bad for him. I just can't believe this guy is helping ratings.

Kirk Herbstreit.'s Kirk that is really getting on my nerves. He's become a bigshot. He talks about THE Ohio State University too much. He can be downright mean with his predictions. He used to be the likeable guy on GameDay but now I almost prefer the asinine rantings of Lee Corso. (Don't get me wrong...I still don't like Lee Corso but he has no credibility. Unfortunately, Herbstreit still does.)

GameDay. I will like it again when they come to Morgantown. I think they're scurred.

ESPN's Hype Names. Last Saturday was Upset Saturday. So, this Saturday was Redemption Saturday or Gut Check Saturday. Yeah...ummmm, about that...

Other things I just plain don't like: USC. Pete Carroll. Notre Dame. Charlie Weis. Pam Ward. Polls in August. The SEC (I like the teams...I'm just sick of hearing what a superior conference they are.) The ACC (I don't like the teams or the conference and they definitely are not a superior conference.) Notre Dame apologists (way too many.)

I'm sure I could go on...and I probably will later. The more I watch, the more I find. College football, in my opinion, is the greatest sport. The games are great and the passion is unbelieveable. I'm afraid ESPN could kill it with their over-the-top coverage...but, so far, it's still the greatest show there is. Maybe I'll go into all the great things later...or maybe not. Who knows? Until then, I remain...yada yada yada.

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