Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh No, Barack Smokes

In case you haven't heard, which I don't know how you wouldn't, Barack Obama smokes. Obama is a "hopeful" for the presidency and he smokes! CIGARETTES! Oh no. Oh, NO! This is completely and uttlerly unacceptable to liberals. Cigarettes are obviously the scourge of the earth. How could Obama cave to such a hideous habit? Shameful! And, Obama cannot be elected president if he smokes because smoking has been banned from the White House since the Clinton Administration. There's a joke there but I will refrain.

Free Anna Nicole!

If you missed the Daytona 500 Sunday, you missed a heckuva race. 0.02 seconds between first and second. That's pretty close...

The All-Star game was a dud as usual.

I think that's about it for this morning. I'm going to call Microsoft and fight with them over SQL licenses. How exciting is that? Honestly...aren't you a little envious? Don't lie...I know you are!

1 comment:

Davis said...

Maybe he and Laura can get on the patch together..

Dude, I wish you luck on the SQL license fight. Those puppies are expensive, you gotta throw down.w