Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goodnight Mountaineers

Well, I hate to say it but in all likelihood the Mountaineers will be in the NIT this year barring another great run in the Big East tournament. Even though the NCAA Committee "allegedly" doesn't take conference representation into consideration when choosing the field, I don't see any way that the Committee is going to take more than six or seven Big East teams. Right now, I see Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Marquettte and Syracuse in the tournament. If Villanova wins their last two games, go ahead and put them in too. And that would be seven. No way they take eight. Of course, if 'Nova and WVU meet in the Big East Tournament, the head-to-head winner of that (neutral court) would have an advantage. Or if 'Nova and WVU win 2 games each in the Big East Tourney, they may be forced to take both.

Overally, I'm happy with West Virginia's run this year. Heck, I was going to be happy with any post-season tournament, including Big East, so to be in the running for an NCAA-bid is really a happy surprise. I just don't think they'll get it. Weak out-of-conference schedule and the lack of a marquee road win really hurts West Virginia's resume. The loss at Cincinatti is still haunting. The UCLA win still looks nice but there isn't a good win to back it up. But, like I said, a good showing at the Big East Tournament and there's still hope...but WVU needs to find their shot and ratchet up the defense to make that run. Otherwise, maybe we'll see some more basketball at the Coliseum this year.

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Anonymous said...

If by goodnight you mean Sweet 16, your all seeing genius is incredible. Really though, congrats to WVU on beating Arizona and a strangely lethargic Duke team in the tourney.