Tuesday, February 27, 2007

David Geffen and Liberals

There's a lot of outrage from Democrats against David Geffen. Geffen, a big-wig Democrat, recently questioned The Clintons integrity by saying "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling." Calling the former president a “reckless guy” deftly put the issue of Bill Clinton’s behavior in the present tense. And at a moment when some of the smart money was poised to line up behind Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, Mr. Geffen was signaling that backing her may not be so smart after all.

Democrats cried foul. Hilary's camp called for Barack Obama to remove Geffen as a financial advisor. When it was revealed that Geffen didn't work for the Obama camp, Hilary called for Obama to denounce Geffen's statement and return any money Geffen may have contributed to his campaign. Democrats are shocked that Geffen could say such a mean thing about The Clintons.

There's a lot of things I want to say about this but I can't find all the time I need. First, Hilary is crying because Geffen attacked Bill's record. She is making every attempt to distance herself from the impeachment and Bill's less than honest reputation. But while she is distancing herself from Bill's character, she is attempting to embrace the "good" aspects of his presidency. And, let's face it, Hilary Rodham has no political career without the Clinton.

Secondly, Geffen's comments are mild compared to the attacks made on the current administration by Hollywood elitists. Bush and Cheney have been called liars and criminals by Hollywood-types and no one bats an eye. To claim the Clintons have been less than honest though, how could someone say such a thing? Compared to the attacks current and future Republican candidates will take from Hollywood, Geffen's comments are mildly insulting at best.

Lastly, Geffen is entitled to his opinion. Whenever someone criticizes Hollywood for giving their opinion, they are quick to point out that their right to express their opinion is guaranteed by the First Amendment. So, why is Hilary and her allies so quick to condemn Geffen for exercising the right they so often claim? The fact that this was liberal-on-liberal violence is the reason for outrage. The only time insults are covered by the First Admendment are when they are liberal-on-conservative...and not vice versa.

The simple fact is Hilary believes she is destined to be the Democratic nominee and the next President of the United States. She suffered until Bill's reign and now is her turn. Obama is a threat to her. Because she is in the lead, she can afford to act as though she's above the fray. But should Obama start closing in, watch who starts claiming their First Amendment rights then.

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