Saturday, April 22, 2006

Top 5 Reasons WVU would spy on Marshall

WVU allegedly spied on the Marshall football program. I have a hard time understanding why...but, I guess anything is possible.

5. Mistook the football practice for a basketball practice. (Why can WVU not beat Marshall in basketball? Makes no sense.)

4. Looking for the mythical hidden stash of Randy Moss.

3. Trying to figure out how to put about 30,000 more seats there. (It makes no sense to play a WVU/Marshall game in Huntington because it can't accomodate the demand for tickets.)

2. Was actually trying to spy on Matthew McConaughey and the "We Are Marshall" movie.

and, the No. 1 reason WVU would spy on Marshall:

1. Just wanted Marshall to feel good by making them think we actually needed to spy on them.

See ya September 2nd...WVU vs. Cabell County Community College...

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