Friday, April 21, 2006

Remembering Basketball...

Last night, I was privileged enough to see the Mountaineers basketball highlight video that is currently being worked on...a video very similar to the WVU recruiting video. want to talk about impressive. The guy who does these is a was remarkable. And, of course, it makes you remember all those great games over the past four years.
15 wins over ranked opponents. Wins over Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Wake Forest, Villanova, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, Louisville, Georgetown, North Carolina State, George Washington and Maryland. 3 "1000" point scorers. 2 First Team All-Big East players. 1 All-American Third Team. 1 CoSIDA Academic All-American of the Year. 10 Postseason Victories. 1 Big East Championship Game Appearance. 2 Sweet 16 Appearances. 1 Elite Eight Appearance.

What an amazing run. As soon as he finishes the video, I will definitely be getting it and making copies because it is just unbelievable. Hopefully, the program has been reignited and the tradition will continue. But, one thing is a definite: Collins, Beilein, Herber, Gansey and Pittsnogle will forever be remembered as heroes of WVU basketball.

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