Friday, April 21, 2006

10 Ways to Improve the Blue/Gold Game

Okay...I asked for ways to improve the Blue/Gold game and received some, here's the Top 10:

10. Don Nehlen calls every 3rd down and 5+ yards play (Run it up the middle...they'll never see it coming);

9. Chris Henry-like celebration following every good play;

8. Two words: Major Harris;

7. Replace pigskin with actual pig;

6. Peter Griffin lookalike contest;

5. Janet Jackson halftime entertainment;

4. Couches in the parking lot;

3. Lee Corso dressed as the Pitt Panther and the Mountaineer has live ammo;

2. Have the game make sense;

and, the obvious No. 1 way to make the Blue/Gold game more enjoyable:

1. Open bar.

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