Thursday, April 13, 2006

Doom and Gloom

Everywhere you turn, bad news. Iran has nuclear weapons (maybe), immigration, bird flu, housing "bubble," Iraq, China, gas prices, oil shortages, global warming, etc. This is the stuff we have to hear about on a daily basis...if one story gets stale, the immediately jump to the next gloomy story. And, if there is any good news, the media immediately does everything in its power to put a negative spin on it. And every news story has to include a demonstration of why America is evil and wrong. I'm tired of's not true and I'm sick of hearing it.

When was the last time you didn't hear a "but" in the news...for example, "housing starts are up but the bubble could burst at anytime," "the economy grew this quarter but there are growing fears of inflation," etc. There has to be negative in everything the news reports. It's disgusting. When they don't have enough material, they make the news up for themselves. Polls and setups. Polls are not news...they are opinions that no one can certify. And, well, the media loves to set people up for a doom story...for example:

Yesterday, to test the security of your great aunt, we attempted to sneak a bomb into her house. Our operative knocked on the door and asked if we could use the phone. She let us in. At which point, we place a small explosive device under her table when she wasn't looking. Then we left. An hour later we arrived and showed her the tape. She was stunned. Everyone should take this warning seriously...your great aunt, and many other relatives, could be at risk of terrorist attack.

OK...that may not be serious but that is about what the media does...tries to sneak bombs around security or show everyone how a water supply could be tampered with. And, if they're not doing that, they're telling us how we should react to today's news...or what it means. What happened to just reporting the events and letting people figure out what that means for themselves. I don't care what Katie Couric thinks about Dick Chaney and I don't care what Matt Laurer thinks about the War in Iraq. I just want the news about this country and leave it at that.

So, until further notice, I refuse to pay attention to the mainstream NBC, no CBS, no ABC...I will watch FoxNews because they do, whether you want to admit it or not, provide a fairer balance of the news. I just want to know what's going on in the world...I don't want an interpretation of what is going on in the world. Is that too much to ask?

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