Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Going, Going...Most Likely, Gone

From everything I'm seeing and hearing, I think John Beilein will be leaving West Virginia University and heading to North Carolina State. An announcement could come this week but most likely will come Monday following the team's banquet on Sunday at the Radisson. Beilein, who has lead WVU to an Elite Eigh and Sweet Sixteen, has been pretty quiet on the subject. Today, Steve Lavin, who many thought was a front runner on Monday, announced he would return to broadcasting next year.

NC State has had a hard time finding a new coach to replace Herb Sendek. They have been turned down by Rick Barnes (Texas) and John Calipari (Memphis). Calipari looked like he was going to take the job...he even took his staff with him to Raleigh but decided to return to Memphis.

So, if Beilein is gone, the question then becomes who will be the next coach at WVU? Jeff Neubaurer is at East Kentucky...his name will come up of course. Huggins will be discussed but I think he's gone since he signed at KSU. Most other coaches are already tied up and it puts WVU at a distinct disadvangtage to be in the searching game this late. Beilein, for all he did, really hurt us now. Anyone have any thoughts on a coach? Sorry...I'm not available.

Anyway, nothing is certain but I would be more surprised to see him on the WVU sideline next year at this point. What a disappointment but that's life. Best of luck John...just not against WVU or North Carolina.

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