Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Beilein to NC State?

Well, I mentioned this earlier today and I'll talk about it in a little more detail now: if you haven't heard, and I don't know how you wouldn't have, the rumor is that John Beilein is going to North Carolina State. NCSU will pay the $3mil buyout and take Beilein as coach and Beilein is happily going. That's the rumor and here is what I think about it:
  1. This rumor started growing on Friday, April 21. Beilein was asked about it over the weekend and didn't comment. There was a fundraising dinner last night in Charleston where Beilein was asked about it by the press and he said "no comment." If he wasn't interested, why didn't he just say, "I'm committed to WVU and will be here next year."?
  2. This isn't the first offer Beilein has entertained. If Indiana came up with the $3mil buyout, he would be the coach of the Hoosiers. I'm not sure he wants to be at WVU.
  3. Tony Caridi sounded pretty downbeat on Sportsline. He seemed as unsure about the whole thing as everyone else. Caridi usually has inside information...if he can't deny this is true, there is probably something to it.
  4. Beilein could have easily called in to Sportsline and denied the story but didn't.
  5. Pastilong has been silent about the whole thing. You would think WVU would want to quash these rumors as soon as possible if they could.
  6. A lot of Mountaineer fans are becoming disgruntled over the Beilein silence regardless and some are hoping he leaves (I'm not...yet).
  7. Supposedly, an NC State "insider" has said that a coaching announcement will come within 48 hours...more like within 24. They've also said the $3mil buyout is not a deal breaker.
  8. NC State has been rejected several times very publicly and really can't afford another offer turned down.

What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. I do know that I would like Beilein to come back next year. I also know that I would like him to leave if he doesn't want to stay at West Virginia. I also know that it is infuriating that he won't comment, especially if he is staying. I've heard from someone who attended practice today that Beilein was a little off...but, it's not like he told the team "good luck" and walked out the door. There's just too many variables in this story.

I'm making no predictions either way. I don't believe NC State is a big upgrade for Beilein really but if he wants to leave, see ya. I would definitely wish him the best of luck but I'm not happy how this is playing out whether he stays or leaves. I know coaches have to keep a lookout for what is best for them but if he is going to entertain every offer like this, well, who needs that. If he leaves, well, a very interesting coaching search begins...

Stay tuned...

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