Monday, April 17, 2006

All About Bonds...

I tried to watch Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN last night...the former Brooklyn Dodgers vs. the former New York Giants...a rivalry that stems back to 1890. But, from the onset, it was obvious that this game wasn't about the longtime rivals but simply around one person: Barry Bonds. As a matter of fact, all of baseball and ESPN is about Barry Bonds. Nothing else matters...

There's a lot of apologists out there for Bonds...but Bonds won't apologize himself. If he had been honest to begin with, none of this would be happening. One thing that is obvious, people do not want Bonds breaking Ruth or Aaron's records. Bonds claims it is because he is black. I don't believe that. Bonds says that he is getting racist hate mail. I don't believe him. I want to see the mail. He says he is receiving threats. I don't believe him. If it were true, he could turn the threats over to the police and they would's a criminal offense to threaten people. Bonds claims a lot of things I don't believe.

Three years ago, everyone wanted to see these records fall. Not anymore. Bonds is a cheater. There's no excuse for taking steroids. Baseball may not have tested or had rules against steroids but that doesn't change the fact that steroids are ILLEGAL and have been for quite some time.

If Bonds had been honest from the beginning, a lot of people would have forgiven him. Don't believe me? Look at Jason Giambi. Honest guy...made fun of still but, overall, he has been given a pass. Bonds continues to lie and that is unforgiveable.

I hope Barry never hits another homerun. It's unlikely but it would be best for baseball. It would be best for baseball if Barry took his bat and went home. I just don't see that happening though because Barry only cares about one thing...and it's not baseball.

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