Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Brett Favre Fans

UPDATE: 3/4/08 -- Brett Favre announced today that he will retire. I'll write more later on that but, in the meantime, I wish him the best. He will now reign over Green Bay as Queen Favre I. Seriously though, he was an excellent quarterback...but his hijacking of the Packer franchise over the past few years (this year excluded) was very unnecessary. Green Bay has treated him well...and they deserved better from him in the lean years. But, I digress...the Princess has now become a Queen...or something.

Dear Brett Favre fans,

On May 17, 2007, I officially proclaimed Brett Favre a Princess. As evidence of such a claim, I discussed Favre's whining over the fact the Packers passed on Randy Moss and Favre's constant wavering on retiring. I also pointed out Brett Favre's interception record and Favre's obvious attempts to hijack the Packer franchise.

This season has seen Favre return to the form he showed in the mid-90s. He is now one game away from returning to the Super Bowl. And all the Favre-lovers want respect for the man that threw 47 interceptions in 2005 and 2006 and has set an interception record with 288.

So, I will show a little respect for Favre today. He, with the assistance of those players around him, have led the Packers back into the playoffs. Perhaps his 28 TD passes as compared to 15 interceptions if the reason. But I will not give sole credit for the Packers rebirth to Favre. The presence of a running game and an improved defense have to be credited as well.

Regardless of all of that, Favre remains a Princess and I'm sure that he will pass blame to whoever he can when the Packers are eliminated from the playoffs this weekend. And he will continue to play games to increase his public perception to the detriment of the Packers organization and his fellow players. That's just the way a princess acts. However, if Favre does win the Super Bowl, I will remove his tiara and apoligize. Until then, I present Princess Favre:



Anonymous said...

I cant believe I'm even bothering to leave this comment on your wall but this just cant be left alone.

This man is the best thing to happen to football in 25 years. When the packers beat the patriots in the superbowl this season will be remembered by what favre has done and not the pats going 16-0. He had every right to bitch to the head office about not getting Moss. Hes been without a team for the past five years and wanted a little help in the receiver position. I mean with the season Moss had I think his bitching to the head office was well deserved. And I just realized that I'm arguing with a f'ing idiot that thinks that interception stats is the end all and not the fact that favre can throw 3 int a game and come back in the forth quarter and win the fucking game. Cant wait to see favre back in the superbowl.

STEELE said...

Mike im with you all the way.....but i dont agree with the whole Princess thing....I like to think of Favre as more like a fairy with a wand. I guess we just dont see eye to eye.

Anonymous said...

youre a fucken douchebag. brett favre is one of, if not, THE best quarterback ever. id also id like to see any other quarterback play at his level at the age of 38. and so what if he doesnt know if he is going to retire right at the end of every season. and who ever said that favre was the ONLY reason for the packers resurgance? obviosly he had help from grant in the running game. this was the best team that hes had around him for a long time. but he had to step up and be a leader for a young team. and you act as if he should just not give a shit about not getting moss. of course he is going to complain about that. that might be the difference between a super bowl team and a team that loses in the nfc championship. sure, he threw some bad passes against the giants but he really hasnt had many bad games this year. and with all the touchdowns and pass attempts there is going to be interceptions. its part of the game. get over it. and what a princess hes only started like more than 250 straight games. yeah i think youre right. he is just awful right? youre an idiot. i dont care if you dont like him, but dont talk shit about a guy who has done what he has done as a quarterback in the nfl.

STEELE said...

WOW......that chick is really ticked off!!!

Patti said...

I am not the mentally disturbed poster above but I did find your blog through a search today after the sad announcement of Brett's retirement. All i'm going to say is i'm a HUGE fan of Brett, and I think you could have found a better banner for him to wear :)

Junior said...

Dude, you got issues. If you don't like Brett Favre that's fine with me. But you should at least have a somewhat decent reason why. Oh, and another thing, I've never seen a princess play 17 years at the hardest position to play in the National Football League. Getting hit all those times, but yet starting all those games. No princess I've ever seen or heard of has been, is, or ever will be the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Anonymous said...

As I was searching for some photos of Brett Favre, I had the misfortune of coming across this blog. I have never responded to any fool that thinks because they have internet access, that makes them an expert on a given subject (as most bloggers seem to think), but this is unbelievable. I am not going to waste my time, other than to say to "Mike" who must have had his 2nd grade nephew put the tiara on Brett Favre's photo - "You are an idiot". Brett Farve is the owner of the biggest heart, and the most talent of virtually anyone who has played the game of professional football. And, since we are pointing out people's faults, perhaps if the moron who wrote this little gem wants to be taken seriously, he/she could learn to spell & use some decent grammar ("He, with the assistance of those players around him, have led the Packers...". Mike, you are the epitome of the reason that most of the people I know hit the back button when they inadvertently come across a blog – they know that they are about to read the thoughts of people who think that they know something, and the anonymity of the internet gives them the courage to voice those thoughts.