Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iran is like Britney

Iran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are very similar to Britney Spears. Now stick with me here because I'm really going somewhere with this...seriously. Let's start with Britney, shall we? Yes, we shall...

Britney Spears was once relevant to the world (or some people on said world). She was there entertaining people but eventually people got bored with her and started looking for other things to watch. But she couldn't stand not being the center of attention so she starting hanging out with other people who were bad influences. She started getting out of cars without panties so she would be in the headlines. The she really started going crazy and now most people are just sick of her but she can't come to the realization that she should just stay at home and take care of herself and her affairs. She still craves the public spotlight but the spotlight has moved on for most people.

And now, Mahmoud. Mahmoud became President in 2005 and started grabbing headlines by threatening Israel. He couldn't keep his mouth shut really. He talked of Iran's nuclear rights and everyone was paying attention. But, just like Britney, his act became old. You can only threaten Israel so many times before it loses some of its luster. He teamed up with Hugo and tried to show ties to North know, the bad influences. But with recent success in Iraq and news that Iran suspended its nuclear program several years ago, Iran has faded into the background. Mahmoud still craves that spotlight and throws out a good controversial statement once in awhile to grab some headlines but he's not the center of attention he used to be. If he were smart, he would take the same advice I gave Britney which is to worry about home and not continue to draw unwanted attention to the negative sides of your country.

My guess is that both Britney and Mahmoud will fail to take my advice and both will continue to try to shock people to move the spotlight back to them. But for the most part, both are washed up and need to move least that's what I think. And something tells me I'm not alone...

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