Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The "Disappointed" Rich Rodriguez

Poor Rich Rodriguez was "disappointed" by the lawsuit West Virginia University filed to collect the $4 million dollars he owes the University. He was also surprised by "the scope of animosity" from the fans and admininistration. My favorite quote from Rodriguez is "I don't think that's normal. That's not normal protocol, I didn't think. Imagine my shock watching the game at the hotel with my family and it comes across that ticker, getting sued for $4 million. That wasn't a good night."

Well, Rich, imagine the disappointment and surprise from thousands of Mountaineer fans when they found out you went out to Toledo to meet with Michigan officials after professing your desire to stay at West Virginia. Imagine the disappointment and surprise of the WVU athletic department when it was revealed you planned to break a contract you just signed 6 months previous. Imagine the hopes of you leading us to a BCS Championship being dashed by Pitt and then the announcement that you would leave.

To pretend that you are surprised by the outpouring of emotion by Mountaineer fans is disingenuous at best. What reaction did you expect as you abandon a team that is getting ready to play in their second BCS bowl ever? Did you expect congratulations and best of luck from the Mountaineer fans that pay ever-increasing prices for your salary? Did you expect the athletic department to say "Hey, don't worry about that buyout."? You made a promise to Mountaineer fans and West Virginia University when you signed a contract stating you would be the coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers and you broke that promise when you resigned.

You are the one who has insinuated that you wouldn't be paying the buyout which left the university no choice but to file suit. And rightfully they have done so. Your innuendos that the university is in breach of contract has not been backed up by any fact what-so-ever. If there is proof that the atheletic department didn't live up to its word, then let that be known. Otherwise, pay the $4 million dollars that you owe West Virginia University and Mountaineer fans.

Rich Rodriguez lied to Mountaineer fans and to West Virginia University. He broke promises made to student-athletes and individual donors. And he continues to fight the University on money he owes them. Yet, he remains "surprised" that West Virginia fans are no longer fans of his. Delusional is the only word that comes to mind.

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