Thursday, January 24, 2008

RR E-mails

Well, maybe the Governor was r . . . ri . . . rig . . -- well, not completely wrong. The recent disclosure of e-mails exchanged between Rich Rodriguez's agent Mike Brown and the University sheds some new light on the rift that was developing between the West Virginia and the coach. And much seems to be fueled by Brown as he demanded more money for everything.

Brown indicates clear back in August that Rodriguez wants more money for the football program. Additional advertising, a paid web-site, etc. Whether Rodriguez was fueling these demands or his agent is something that cannot be assessed by simply releasing some e-mails.

Some things the e-mails don't show is a breach by the University in fulfilling the agreements of RR's contract. The e-mails show additional demands from Brown but not requests to fulfill promises to RR. The University is going to take the stand that they would have met some of RR's requests following an opportunity to investigate the reasonableness and legality of the request (ie, a paid web-site similar to that for which Dennis Franchione was fired). When it became apparent the University wasn't going to bendover for Rodriguez, Brown began making threats about other openings which probably further entrenched the University to not bow.

At the end of the day, I think the e-mails help the University. After seeing how Brown was threatening the University and seeing the demands RR was making, I can see why the University would stand firm. If you allow RR to push around and restructure the entire athletic department based on his whims, you lose institutional control. And what a mess you are in when he leaves...which is becomes obvious he eventually would.

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