Monday, January 07, 2008

Leaving So Soon?

Drudge is reporting that Hillary Clinton could be considering abandoning her run for President already. Losing in Iowa, trailing in New Hampshire and watching her lead nationally plummet, the former First Lady may be trying to cut her losses and minimize embarrassment to the Clinton name.

The question is whether there is any truth to this rumor or not. My guess is that this is a story planted by the Clinton Campaign to generate media reporting and warn Democrats that if they don't get in line behind Clinton soon, they will be stuck with Obama or Edwards. By threatening to leave the race, she's attempting to rally the troops to vote in the primaries and save her campaign. It will be interesting to see if this works or not...or, of course, I could be wrong and she's just really losing big time.

In an unrelated story that also involves leaving, I attended an East Fairmont basketball game this weekend. I don't attend many so it was entertaining to see the Bees score 103 points in their win over Brooke. More entertaining was an exchange between the one official at the game and a couple folks in attendance. Let me set the scene quickly: East Fairmont is leading Brooke by over 30-points. The ball is loose and Brooke and East players are scrambling and an East player is on the court and a Brooke player jumps on his head, possibly breaking his nose. A foul is called on another East player.

At this point, a fan from the crowd starts giving the ref "the business". He questions the officials ability to adequately officiate the game but nothing overly derogatory. Most officials would walk away but this referee decided to respond by saying there was a meeting on Sunday for new officials and they were always looking for new help. At this point, another fan chimes in that they definitely need new officials.

Apparently this set the ref over the edge and he asked security to excort both gentlemen from the game. Basically the referee threw out two patrons because he couldn't walk away and they were unhappy with the call. I know a ref has the authority to eject fans from games but this seemed like a huge error in judgement on the official's side. Dealing with criticism comes with the officiating job. Regardless, it was a very entertaining exchange and the first time I've seen a fan thrown out for just talking to the ref.

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