Friday, January 04, 2008

Some Random Things

First, there seems to be a growing backlash against Coach Stewart a mere 24 hours after it became official that he is the new coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers. It started with Ken Kendrick and has ballooned from there. There are many questions about his qualifications for the job and the circumstances surrounding his departure from VMI have raised several concerns. Many are afraid that hiring Coach Stewart was somewhat haphazard following the emotions of the Fiesta Bowl victory.

I am going to wait and reserve judgment. By bringing a splintered team together and pulling out a miraculous win over the Oklahoma Sooners, Coach Stewart earned a shot at leading the WVU Mountaineers in 2008 and beyond. No matter who you choose as coach, you're taking a leap of faith that they will be able to put together a winning program. Rich Rodriguez, while experienced and somewhat well-known, was not necessarily a "big name" hire. Only time can tell whether the University made a good or bad decision and I don't think it's fair to prematurely call the Stewart hire a failure until he has a chance to lead the Mountaineers on his own terms. Only then can we truly evaluate the decision fairly.

Next, Hilary Clinton took a hit last night in Iowa. The Clinton campaign has spent the last few weeks attempting to temper expectations in Iowa. A third-place finish has to hurt. Should she lose to Obama in New Hampshire, things could get very interesting on the Democrat side of the nomination race. The Clinton campaign has several major issues to resolve if they hope to put together a serious run for the presidency. I sense more troubles before they right the ship and ultimately win the nomination.

On the Republican side, I think nominating Mike Huckabee could be the biggest mistake the GOP could make. Huckabee is not an electable candidate. Democrats have to be hoping he gets the nomination. It's an uphill battle for the Republican candidate regardless of who is nominated. It the Republicans nominate Huckabee, they might as well concede the office to the Democrats.

Lastly this morning, I am still receiving e-mails regarding my post way back about Michael Vick kicking my dog. Apparently Vick has a lot of supporters out there. In case no one noticed, Michael Vick is serving a 23-month sentence for breaking the law. He is also facing felony charges in Virginia for his role in dogfighting and gambling activities. This is not a case of someone being wrongly accused. Vick, by pleading guilty, admitted to his role in dogfighting. And, by extension, dogfighting if for gambling. As I have said before, Mike Vick will never play in the NFL again and his supporters need to accept the fact that he is a criminal and a liar who blew his career. And he was never that great of a quarterback...

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