Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mountaineer Basketball -- Get Some

Attended the WVU/Syracuse basketball contest on Sunday and I must say I was quite impressed by the Mountaineers. I had only attended one other game this season and that was against the lowly Baltimore Eastern Shore. That wasn't much of a contest. You would expect Syracuse to put up quite a fight against the Mountaineers but that certainly wasn't the case as WVU dominated Syracuse all over the court.

The much criticized Alex Ruoff scored 23-points in the Mountaineers 20-point victory over the Orange. Alexander, Flowers, Nichols and Butler all contributed big-time to the home victory. WVU has now won 14 straight at the Coliseum. The thing that is most shocking about this years Mountaineers is their ability to grab rebounds. Despite being outsized, the Mountaineers were only outrebounded by 3 boards.

The physical prowess of this year's Mountaineers puts the Beilein system to shame. They fight for everything on defense but still run a good offensive system. The amount of open layups and short jumpers were unbelieveable. It's a good team and I will be very surprised if they don't make it to the NCAA tournament this year. They'll keep getting better --- and Michigan will keep getting worse.

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