Monday, January 21, 2008's a Super Bowl

Patriots vs. Giants *yawn*

Does anyone care? The Patriots are going for a perfect season. Yeah, I guess that's interesting. Eli Manning is trying to get out from under the shadow of Peyton. Sure, that's going to be a storyline. But doesn't anyone really care who wins outside of Boston and New York? Sure, there's plenty of people who want the Patriots to lose because they're the Patriots and there are plenty of people who want New York to lose because of Eli...but is anyone really rooting for one of these teams to actually win?

San Diego should have eliminated the Patriots on Sunday. Three Brady interceptions and San Diego could only kick field goals. LT sat on the bench, injured, and sulked. Tomlinson may be the worst teammate in the NFL who isn't constantly discredited by the media. Rivers played a decent game, also injured, but couldn't score touchdowns. Why Norv Turner punted with 9 minutes to play is anyone's guess. I assume he thought the San Diego defense could make a stop. Well, that was obviously wrong. And so the Patriots are 18-0 in the Super Bowl again.

As for the Packers/Giants game...well, Eli Manning played a good game. No mistakes. On the other side, Favre cost the Packers the game. An interception in field goal range and an interception in overtime for the loss. Now the world goes on Favre watch to see if the guy is going to retire. Hopefully he drags it on until draft time so the Packers can't draft a replacement quarterback. I would bet $10 that he'll be back though...and, quite frankly, he should come back. He had a good season and, unless his arm falls off next year, there's no reason to believe they can't compete next season. That's as close to a compliment as I will give...

So, we now wait 2 weeks for Giants/Patriots in the Super Bowl. Two weeks of ESPN hype. Two weeks of everyone digging for plots for the game. Two weeks of interviews with Peyton and Archie Manning about Eli. I hope someone interviews Tiki Barber so he can explain why the Giants are so much better since his departure. Personally, I'm going to try to avoid the whole don't look for any more analysis here until after the "Big Game". And, just to get it out there, I will be rooting for the Giants but I can't imagine they'll win. If they do, I'll be quite happy...not because I particularly like New York...see above.

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