Monday, November 26, 2007

To Go Or Not To Go...

That is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler to attend a game with
The cheers and jeers of outstanding fortune,
Or to take seat in a chair of comfort,
By a television with Fox? To watch: to eat;
Much more; and by eat to say we feed
The enthusiam of thousands of fans
In their blue and gold, watching and waiting
Waiting and watching, their team take the field
Oh, Mountaineers, why such difficult decisions?

I'll stop there...I have real work to do. So, let's just say for a minute that West Virginia beats Pitt and is selected to attend the National Title Game in New Orleans on Monday, January 7th. What a dilemma that presents. Do you attend the game and take 2-3 days off work in hopes of attending a historic event? Do you spend $175 for one ticket plus travel, hotel, etc., in hopes that West Virginia will no longer be the winningest program in college football without a national title? Or do you stay in town and watch the game on television and miss a major event for this area? I really don't know...I guess I'll wait to see if they actually beat Pitt...

1 comment:

Wes said...

What I want to know is how do you get a ticket for only $175?