Sunday, November 25, 2007


Not only is West Virginia #2 in the BCS standing - they are a SOLID #2. The BCS rankings have us .06 points ahead of Ohio State...which might not sound like a lot but in the BCS world, it's plenty. Even if Pittsburgh makes it a close game with WVU, as long as West Virginia wins, there is nearly no way tOSU can jump over the Mountaineers. Being #1 in the Coaches Poll is nice...

Even more interesting is the respect the BCS computers are giving the Mountaineers. Out of the 6 computer polls that are equated into the BCS, 2 have WVU at #1 and the other 4 have WVU at #2. So even with people out there knocking the Big East (again) and talking about WVU's weak schedule (again), the computers have enough respect for the Mountaineers to keep them solidly in the Top 2 in the nation. On the other hand, one computer does have Mizzou rated #3 behind WVU and OSU. Not saying that means anything...just stating the facts.

Lastly, just talking a bit about strength of schedule: According to CBS, WVU has played the 58th toughest schedule. Let's look at some others, Arizona State - 57, USC -81, Virginia - 71, Kansas - 88, Hawaii - 120, Boise State - 119, Ohio State - 37, Missouri -40. In a year with so many upsets, is a 58th ranked schedule that much different that a 40? Granted, if Mizzou defeats Oklahoma (66th toughest schedule, btw), they deserve to be #1 heading into the BCS Championship. But I don't see any argument to keep WVU out of the #1 or #2 spot. Lastly, WVU has defeated the following bowl eligible teams: Maryland, East Carolina, Mississippi State, Rutgers, Cincinnati and Connecticut. By comparison, Ohio State defeated Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan. Please note the number of out-of-conference opponents they played that are bowl eligible. ZERO.

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