Thursday, November 08, 2007

Football Predictions

Well, it's apparently another Thursday and someone told me there was a football game in Morgantown this evening. I guess the Mountaineers, who have acquired "gold" jerseys (that are in questionable taste), are going to combine their "gold" jerseys with their "gold" pants making, I would assume, a horrendous combination. I sense many tears tonight when the Mountaineers take the field, brought up by the ungodly jersey combination. We'll see...

And now, some predictions:

WVU 41 - Louisville 27: Despite the hideous uniform decision, the "gold rush" will overcome the defenseless Cardinals. It would be nice to see the Mountaineer defense give Brohm some headaches this evening.

Morgantown 27 - University 14: Hey, University is the better team. But history says that Morgantown somehow breaks University's spirit and knocks them out of the playoffs despite probably being the one of the best teams in state.

Martinsburg 28 - Bridgeport 17: I don't think Bridgeport is great. Good, yes...but great, no. Martinsburg blew one at the end of the season...they should probably be the #1 seed and not 11. Poor Bridgeport.

Cincinnat 28 - Connecticut 20: I think UConn is running on borrowed time. They've had a good season but it ends at Cincinnati.

Steelers 31 - Browns 13: Pittsburgh played beastly on Monday night. I don't see the Browns giving them a big contest this weekend.

And, lastly:

East Fairmont 37 - Hurricane 27: I don't know much about Hurricane. I do know East Fairmont is a pretty good football team. East Fairmont has never won a playoff game. That changes this weekend for two reason: 1) East Fairmont really, really needs to win a playoff game; and 2) I'm supposed to go to the Cincinnati game next weekend and the Bees will win and end up playing George Washington in Charleston next weekend, effectively ruining my plans.

Those are my predictions for this weekend's football contests...

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