Thursday, November 15, 2007

Football Predictions

Oh, it's Thursday again already...time for a few predictions for the biggest football contests ever. Or at least this week...

Bridgeport 14 - Parkersburg 42 - Did you hear the one about the team that went into Parkersburg with their top 3 players injured? They got beat. Bad.

Capital 21 - University 20 - University beat Morgantown twice this year. I think they've probably already accomplished their goal for the season.

Georgia 35 - Kentucky 21 - Kentucky is not for real.

UConn 56 - Syracuse 20 - Syracuse is real. Real, real bad.

Michigan 35 - Ohio State 17 - How fitting would it be for Lloyd Carr to lose to Appy State to start the season and beat Ohio State to end the season? He'll likely retire on Monday. A loss here probably knocks OSU from the Championship Game 2 weeks ago to the Outback Bowl this week. Personally, I think the Big 10 is week regardless of who goes where.

Steelers 34 - Jets 13 - The Jets are very, very bad this year.

And, the final two:

WVU 31 - Cincinnati 28 - Another nail-biter. WVU could easily lose this game on the road. Especially if they continue to play hot potato with the football. Watch out for those Bearcats.

EF 16 - GW 12 - I don't know why. I don't necessarily want to pick against East Fairmont. It's going to be a tough game to win but a good break here and there and they could pull this thing off. If the Bees defense really can hold GW to 12 points, I would be amazed. But stranger things have happened...

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