Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a quick update

Just a quick recap of the weekend and I'll get the full update up when I actually have some time...

Went down to Charleston on Friday night for a great football game. East Fairmont has advanced yet again with an unbelievable defensive effort. They now are just one win away from going to Wheeling Island Stadium for the State Championship Game. Regardless of what happens against St. Albans, it's been a remarkable year. Additionally, apparently not many people in the Charleston area have had a chance to see the band. I'll let this entry from the Daily Mail sum that up.

Got back to Fairmont at 2:00 or so on Saturday morning and did some work and finally got to sleep at 3:00. Woke up at 8:00 and began a trek out to Cincinnati to see the Mountaineers face the Bearcats. I will go in more detail later but the game was good and WVU eeked out the victory. I would guess 35% of Nippert Stadium was wearing blue and gold. That might be a little high but there were a ton of Mountaineer fans. Got back to hotel around 2:00 and woke up again around 8:00 to make the long journey back to Fairmont. I'll get pictures and stuff up tonight.

With Oregon's and Oklahoma's losses, West Virginia moved up to #3 in the BCS. This is getting exciting. Now, I'm just speculating, but I think that if WVU wins out and Missouri wins out, there's a very good chance Missouri will jump over WVU and take the #2 spot (Missouri would have to beat Kansas to win out.) If Oklahoma wins the Big 12 (meaning Missouri and Kansas lost), there's a good chance WVU could be #2 but there's going to be a large movement to move Arizona State back up to #2 if they win the Pac 10. If ASU loses, expect to hear a lot of crying from Columbus because Ohio State will want that #2 spot back.

Personally, I'm hoping Kansas wins out and LSU loses somewhere and WVU plays Kansas for the National Championship. There's way too much football left to get too concerned about it. No matter how it works out, someone's going to be unhappy. All I know is that WVU had better start playing better football. Allowing Cincinnati back in that game late was pretty disheartening. If they don't step it up, they could easily lose to UConn or Pitt. If they don't, things will get very interesting for the BCS folks. Expect a lot of people out there talking bad about WVU and the Big East...

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