Monday, November 26, 2007

I Encourage...

Everyone to head over to CBS Sportsline and let Mike Freeman and CBS know what you think of his article: Give me Trojans-Buckeyes over a Missouri-West Virginia snoozefest. I could get over Freeman's idiotic article if it weren't for this paragraph:

"The West Virginia mascot is the Mountaineer. He carries a rifle and wears a coonskin hat. Why not go for the stereotype trifurcate, Mountaineer dude, and date your sister?"

Once again, it shows the ignorance of these so-called "national" reporters. The basis that no one is going to watch Mizzou-WVU is completely false. As people watch the Super Bowl regardless of who plays, people will watch WVU/Mizzou because that is what is on. It may not be the most glamorous matchup in the world but it is a matchup between two teams that deserve to be playing (assuming WVU and Missouri win out).

Articles like Freeman's are uninformed and bias towards an establishment in college football that has been shaken by the emergence of non-traditional programs like West Virginia, Kansas, Louisville, Missouri, etc. So because they don't have the tradition of a USC or Ohio State, Oklahoma or Nebraska, Michigan or Notre Dame, doesn't make them any less worthy of a shot at college football's most prestigious trophy.

Remember, programs have to start somewhere...Florida State hasn't always been a powerhouse. Boston College is a joke of a program but everyone was willing to jump on their bandwagon just because they had a good half-season. Virginia Tech hasn't won a national championship but they are more worthy for some reason? West Virginia is as deserving as any team in the nation to play for a national championship...and anyone who argues otherwise simply on the basis of tradition shouldn't be writing for something like CBS.

Against, I encourage everyone who agrees to go to CBS Sportsline and let them know what you think of Mike Freeman. He should be writing this blog and I should be writing for CBS, in my opinion.

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