Saturday, November 24, 2007

Line 'Em Up

Let's start with East Fairmont -- what a game. What a disappointing outcome. So close yet so far. A bobbled snap on an extra point attempt proves to be the dagger that killed the Bees as they searched for those elusive extra points. Unlike what most predicted, this game did not turn into Saint Albans lifting the Bees and pushing them down the field. The Bee defense was nothing less than spectacular, holding the Red Dragons to only 14 points. The Bee offense had opportunities but couldn't execute when the game was on the line.

It was a historic run. And it was a lot of fun to travel to the southern part of the state and see some football down there. I can say that Saint Albans and Hurricane have some of the more vocal crowds I have seen for football games. I hate to say it but the St. Alban's fans put the East fans to shame with their noise and enthusiasm. Regardless, East Fairmont came 2-yards short from making one of the most unlikely runs in high school football. But I don't think Bees' fans have anything to complain about.

On another note, West Virginia now controls its own destiny as far as a shot at a BCS Championship. Now let the nay-sayers line up. Watching GameDay this morning, they're already looking for reasons that Ohio State could jump over us for the #2 spot. They want Georgia, they want USC, they want anyone BUT the Mountaineers. There is a non-stop assault on WVU from talking heads that is just unbelievable. West Virginia has maintained their position while OSU, LSU, USF, USC, OU, ASU, UO, etc., all folded under the pressure of being in the spotlight. If West Virginia wins their last two games, Lee, Kirk & Chris need to shutup about other deserving teams and give WVU the respect they have earned. Otherwise, they continue to prove that their show is simply a vehicle for ESPN to massage the egos of the so-called national powerhouses.

And, lastly, some inspiration from Lou:

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