Friday, March 09, 2007

Painfully Close

Louisville did it to West Virginia again. Well, a little different way of getting there but the result was the same...Louisville in overtime. West Virginia made the comeback this time though to get the game into double-overtime. But the result puts West Virginia in a bad situation. A record of 22-9 but an extremely weak out-of-conference schedule and a low RPI makes West Virginia a strong candidate for a #1 seed in the NIT, not a mid-range seed in the NCAA Tournament.

It was a good season for a team that was predicted for finished #12 in the Big East. I think I started out the season by saying that any post-season tournament appearance would have to be considered a success by the young Mountaineer squad. An NIT appearance would be a bonus. Well, the Mountaineers have definitely succeeded in the that but it feels more like defeat than victory. But, on the positive side, Frank Young and Rob Summers will most likely get to play in front of the home crowd again.

Second today, Daylight Savings Time. When the government changes something like when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends, it seems like a simple thing. Just change the clock forward or back whenever they tell you to. Well...let me tell you something, it's not that simple. Computers don't like it when you change something like DST. Remember Y2K? Well, this is Y2K on a much smaller scale.

We've spent much of this week patching servers and PCs. Microsoft did a good job getting patches out for Windows XP and Server 2003. For Server 2000 we had to do a little registry work to make sure they would update. On the other hand, Novell wasn't as nice. They didn't release a Groupwise patch until late Friday night. And it required some serious effort to get it installed on the GW servers.

Novell has also warned that synchronized devices (Blackberry, Palm, etc.) may experience some issues with the DST change, even though we patched those devices weeks ago. So, we've had to warn users to watch their appointments closely so they won't be an hour late. But, anyway, make sure you download the updates for your computer. If Automatic Updates is enabled, you probably already installed. If not, you might want to go ahead and get that...or you can manually change your time...but you'll have to do it again later. And I think that's all.

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