Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brackets are Painful

Well, I am in pain. Seriously. First, I love UNC. I want them to win it all. But their schedule is killer. Potential matchups against Marquette, Texas and Georgetown is way too much to deal with. I'm not sure they can get past Marquette really...but I have them in the Elite Eight where they lose to Georgetown.

I think Ohio State is overrated. I have them in the Elite Eight too but I think Texas A&M is really coming on strong and could beat them.

But my biggest pain comes from having Florida repeat. I just can't seem to beat them. Notre Dame is going to make a run...they're a good team. But they can't beat Florida. I think Wisconsin isn't that good...matter of fact, I think the whole Big Ten is overrated.

Pitt/UCLA is throwing me fits. I picked Pitt...but it's a tossup. I have Duke losing in the first round just because I truly, truly hate them.

Anyway, you can see all my picks HERE. Go ahead and bet, they're good.*

*but if they're not, don't call me.


Davis said...

Your Big East bias is showing. Pitt will crumble like a house of cards, like they always do come tourney time. And Oregon is going to light up Notre Dame with some WV-style 3-ball. I agree with you on Georgetown, and I think Texas A&M would make it farther if it wasn't for OSU.

Davis said...

Oh, one more thing - although I don't see it happening, nothing would please me more than to see Duke make an early exit. I would laaaaaaaaugh and laaaaaaaaugh. Especially if tears were involved.

steele said...

Mike...leaving today and not coming back until thursday night...we have a bid meeting today in charleston and then a presentation at concord tomorrow, so we are just staying over night. Ill get ahold of you when i get back. My work phone is 657-1024. I dont use my personal that much anymore. One more thing.....That alabama game....WOW!......your thoughts