Monday, March 19, 2007

Basketball Update

Well, the "Fighting Irish" remain the biggest disappointment of my bracket to date. I have 7 out of 8 Elite Eight teams remaining. Biggest surprises to me, UNLV and Vanderbilt. Biggest disappointment? Texas. I can't believe the Longhorns didn't get to the Sweet 16. But, overall, I'm still in decent shape. I should have known better than to support the, do I hate Notre Dame.

West Virginia men's team will face North Carolina State on Tuesday. WVU defeated NC State earlier this year but the Wolfpack have improved a great deal since then. Should be a good game. Winner advances to the "Final Four" of the NIT.

WVU women won their first NCAA Tournament game in 15 years on Saturday. I tried to watch the game...but women's basketball is very tough to watch. I also tried to watch some girl's basketball last's so sloppy. The thing that really struck me was the lack of attendance. There probably wasn't more than 300 people at the WVU women's game in Texas. It is very sad. I still think the women need to move their tournament to generate interest. They cannot compete against the men's NCAA Tournament. Sorry.

Lastly, although I do not endorse Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, I have to post this video that is making the rounds for Obama. His camp will not take credit for the video...but, it's pretty striking. The Apple "1984" commercial is probably the greatest commercial of all-time. Well, this is definitely an interesting remake...and, well, I agree. Hilary is a talking head...droning out rhetoric with no message. This video receives two thumbs up.

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jedi jawa said...

I had to borrow this one. Very funny. Did you notice that the hammer girl was wearing an ipod?