Friday, March 02, 2007

A New Venture, Etc.

First off, I encourage everyone to go visit and register and participate at -- which is a new venture for college sports arguments....err, discussion.

Next, I am very upset with the Tarheels. Why are they not feeding Hansbrough the ball? He should possess the ball on 75% of all North Carolina offensive possessions...even if he just throws the ball back to Frasor or Wright. He's a beast under the basket so I just don't get why he's not getting the touches he should.

Third, haven't had much time to write good things because of work. We acquired 4 new HP DL380 servers over the last week which needed licensed, setup and installed for use. It was quite a chore. And it's only the beginning. The biggest part of this is still 2-3 months away...

Lastly, with new water problems, I will begin a new investigation into where Fairmont's missing water could be. The water is somewhere and I will make it my mission to find it and bring the answer to my captive audience. Don't worry...I am on the case!

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