Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm not sure what I'm happiest about...WVU putting up 62 against WMU, Georgia Tech beating Notre Dame or Appalachian State beating Michigan. All of them are pretty awesome...

First, it was a bad day to be from Michigan and play the Mountaineers. I'll start with my third favorite game: Michigan overlooked ASU. I'm sure the 100,000+ in attendance at the Big House overlooked ASU. A D-II Champion? Big deal. Kinda like when WVU lost to Temple. The crowd laughs...never really gets into the game. Yeah, we're down but we'll make the comeback and when. But sometimes that doesn't happen. What does the loss mean? If Lloyd Carr doesn't run the table from here, he's probably lost his job. Michigan is eliminated from national title contention. And the loss will go down as one of the greatest upsets ever. It's a bad day to be a Michigan fan...from #5 to, what should be, unrated in one week. We'll see the voters really throw them out of the Top 25...they should.

Number 2: Jabba the Weis wouldn't reveal his starting quarterback. I guess they thought that would be an ace up their sleeve. Well, it wasn't. Notre Dame managed a whopping 121 total yards in their loss to Georgia Tech. He played two quarterbacks...and both were inept. The running game wasn't there either. And their defense Tashard Choice to put up nearly 200-yards rushing. At Notre Dame Stadium. Do you think Notre Dame fans are happy? The Irish could conceivably start out the season 0-8...they play at Penn State, at Michigan, Michigan State, at Purdue, at UCLA, Boston College and USC. Who knows, Navy could hang in there with them if they continue to play like they did this week. I could wish for an 0-12 season but Duke is on their schedule...

And, of course, Number 1 is West Virginia whipping up on Western Michigan 62-24. Player of the game: Pat White. 10-18 for 192 and 2 touchdown. 9 rushes for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns. Pat White is a field general...amazing. His arm seems greatly improved over last year. Most of his incompletions were good passes...just out of the reach of a receiver or simply dropped. Slaton struggled running early but found his groove...2 catches for 61 yards and a touchdown and 109 yards on 16 rushes and 3 touchdowns.

Defense was improved but the secondary is still a little suspect. A lot of dropped interception opportunities and they still give up too many short passes. The run defense was stout, only giving up 32 yards. I still have major concerns about a better team throwing the ball against us. But it was the first game of the year and they will improve. I think they are better than last year.

I was glad to see Jarrett Brown get some touches in the 4th quarter. He could be the starter most places. Also good to see Devine and Sanders get some reps. I've never seen such a warm reception for a 1-yard run as Devine received. He showed a flash or two of brilliance. We're definitely deep on offense.

Lastly, great crowd at Mountaineer Field today. The stadium was full and most people stayed until the final rifle blast. There were only a few times when the crowd was on an early turnover in the 1st quarter...and the other was towards the end. But, for the most part, the crowd was energetic and into the game...which is a good sign. It should be a great year...can't wait until Maryland. Oh? Oh yeah...I guess there's the game against Cabell County Community College before then...but Maryland is really the next test.

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