Monday, September 10, 2007

Steelers, Favre and more

Steelers looked good. Or Cleveland looked bad. Can't really decide yet. How does Romeo Crennel still have a job? He starts Charlie Frye...and Frye looked horrible. I don't see how this is the best quarterback you have in your stable. How long has it been since the Browns had a good season? They are pathetic.

On a positive note...I will lay off the Browns until the Steelers play them again. The Steelers defense looked pretty tough. And the offense moved well. When Ben gets into a rhythm, he is a good quarterback. Will need to see them against better competition before I make a final judgment.

Since the Steelers game was a blowout, I decided to watch a little of the Eagles/Packers game. But it was nearly unwatchable. The manlove coming from the booth to Brett Favre was sickening. There's 22 players on the field and Favre is the only guy they can talk about. I was waiting for them to offer themselves to him at halftime.

I have previously expressed my disdain for Brett Favre. He once was a great guy and he's still a decent quarterback. But the way he has held the Packers organization hostage over the last several years is sickening. He won't commit to play but if they attempt to look for another quarterback he throws a hissy fit. He publicly denegrates the management without regard for what it really takes to build a team. A good leader is the first thing they need but Favre won't let anyone take ownership of Green Bay over him. He is the most selfish player in football...worse than T.O. because people actually take him seriously.

I guess Brittany Spears made her big comeback last night. Thankfully I didn't watch. From what I saw from highlights...hmmmm...what a trainwreck. I really have nothing more to say about that...

Lastly, General Petraeus will be giving his report on the surge success in Iraq today to Congress. Without hearing a word the General has to say, many are already blasting him. That's funny because several months ago I heard many Democrats say they trusted Petraeus and would decide what they wanted to do in Iraq following his report. As is typical, they fill the report may not further their agenda for defeat so they begin tearing the man down before he can utter a word. How disrespectful can it get? Seriously...

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