Monday, September 17, 2007

Upgrade Update

Well, if anyone really cares, here's a quick update on the current computer upgrade at work: CRAZY!! It has been busy. I'm talking late nights, early mornings...all the busy you can take. So far, so good. We're using a virtualization client for all our applications. For the most part, it has worked pretty well. I'm starting to run into some applications that will not virtualize (like Adobe products). I think that is because of activation issues more than anything. Haven't run into too many application issues with Vista yet.

We're increasing bandwidth between the offices because of the extra WAN traffic that will be created from our Document Management centralization. We're going to put in a redundant firewall in another office in case the master would go down. Don't want people to be without their Internet (or e-mail).

The remote access side is moving very slowly. Unfortunately, without all the applications 100% ready, there's no reason to start publishing apps out to the remote access site. So, that will be pushed back to mid-October. We've been adding our current machines to the new domain. Having people in NDS and AD is causing a few complications but not as many as I would have initially guessed.

We have servers galore. I believe we have now purchased 27 or 28 DL380s for this upgrade. That's a lot of $$$. Oh, but the server room looks nice. I'll get pictures on here soon...before and after.

But, that's about it. It's been crazy. But progress is still being made and we're still anticipating rolling this bad boy out in mid-November. If only I live to see it...

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