Saturday, September 29, 2007

Th-th-th-th...That's All Folks

National title hopes? Gone. Heisman for Pat White? Gone. Heisman for Steve Slaton? Gone. Top-10 ranking? Gone. Hopes and dreams of millions (well, many thousands) of Mountaineer fans? Crushed.

One bad trip to Tampa and the 2007 season has come to a crashing halt. A season of destiny once again turns into a season of disappointment. Not even "Devine intervention" could overcome 6 WVU turnovers. Not even a much, much, MUCH improved Jeff Casteel offense could overcome the inept play of the WVU offense.

Life goes on. But it ruins a lot of plans. It diminishes the Rutgers game and the Cincinnati game to some degree. Just like the Louisville losses diminished the WVU/Louisville game. But, with some wins, WVU could still win (or share) the title for the Big East. WVU could still be in the BCS. But Mountaineer fans were looking for more. Not any longer.

All season long the offense has sputtered. It isn't flowing as smoothly as you would think. I believe it is the inability of the long pass to be a threat. I love Pat this isn't a knock at him. But Rich needs to open this offense to create more running lanes for Slaton or White or Schmitt or Devine or Sanders. If the opposing team is putting 7 in the box or 8 in the box and you don't go downfield, the screens and draws and sweeps aren't going to work. Especially against a team with speed like USF.

But I's the same argument WVU fans have made all season and it falls upon deaf ears. I'm not a coach. I really don't claim to understand why we don't take more shots. I thought White's arm looked good in the games...but maybe I'm just way off.

Anyway, thankfully I did not watch the debacle in South Florida last night but instead went and saw East Fairmont win their first ever game at North Marion. First time EFHS has beaten NMHS in Rachel. That seems impossible but everyone says it's true so I will believe it. East looks good. Back to back playoff years. Who would have thought?

I'm going to try to watch some college football today and hope they don't talk about WVU/USF too much. It just disgusts me to hear about it...

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