Sunday, September 16, 2007

Buy, Sell or Hold

An interesting weekend of sports so far...and haven't even seen the NFL kickoff yet. So, let's see what I would buy, sell or hold from what I have seen:

Buy: Noel Devine. Seriously...Devine, Slaton and White may all end up with 1,000 yards rushing this year. Has that ever occurred?
Sell: Morgantown football. Lost to their first NCAC opponent outside of University since 1996. Didn't look like it bothered them much either...
Hold: USC at #1. Wow.
Sell: Louisville as a national title contender. No defense=no chance.
Hold: Kentucky. Don't annoint them as the Blue Grass State great hope. It's still Kentucky football until they win some big games in the SEC.
Buy: East Fairmont football. See Morgantown's loss. The Bees are a 2-point conversion away from being undefeated. Sets up some great showdowns for late in the season.
Buy: Michigan. Stock is low...almost junk bond status. They're going to win some more games and be back in the Big 10 title hunt before all is said and done.
Sell: UCLA. Blown out by Utah? Hmmmm...not #11.
Buy: Florida. They're good...I hate it but they're really, really good.
Hold: Ohio State. Not sure a big victory over Washington gives you national title credibility.

and, lastly,

Sell: Notre Dame. If you had any stock left what-so-ever in the Fighting Irish...for the love of God, get rid of it. They are bad. Very, very bad. Like Temple bad. Even Temple can score a touchdown. And sell Jabba the Weis too if you can find anyone who can fit him out the door...

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