Sunday, September 09, 2007

WVU defeats Marshall, etc.

I know there are a lot of upset Mountaineer fans out there but WVU did beat Marshall 48-23. A 25-point victory isn't necessarily close and 90% of college football fans did not care about this in-state "rivalry" they just see the final score and that's it. As for the 10% who did watch, they watched an amped up Marshall defense stack 7 or 8 in the box every play and stuff the run and pursue screens vigorously. And the WVU offense sputtered until they finally broke out in the second half.

This is two weeks in a row that WVU had trouble in the first half of a game. WMU used a similar defense in the first week of the season and WVU had some issues then. I'm not sure why Rodriguez won't open up the offense and let Pat take more shots down the field. For the second straight week, White has shown a good touch on the ball and he had a couple dropped but, for the most part, I thought his arm looked good. I know Rich is very concerned about not having turnovers but when a defense is committing solely to the short game, you need to take some shots downfield. Maybe he's just waiting until bigger games to open the offense. I just hope there is more to the offense than what we have seen in these first 2 weeks. Slow starts will eventually catch up with you.

In other news, went and saw Morgantown visit Fairmont Senior Friday night. A classic overtime game. Morgantown doesn't look as dominating as they have in the past. Not sure what's going on up that way...

I didn't think Lloyd Carr should be fired last week after Michigan's loss to Appy State. A blowout loss to Oregon has me reevaluating that decision. If they lose to Notre Dame next Saturday, he's done. And, if he does beat ND, it's just a brief reprieve. There's a lot of heat building in Ann Arbor.

Speaking of Notre Dame, I can't begin to express how much I enjoy their struggles. Jabba the Weis was billed as the greatest coach of all-time and most expected him to be competing for a national championship this season. For what I can tell, Notre Dame is just barely clinging to legitimacy. I still think they will start the season 0-8. They have no offense.

South Florida beating Auburn is pretty awesome. And Cincy beating up on Oregon State was nice too. Does Louisville have a defense or are they just setting some traps for later? LSU beat Virginia Tech...which was enjoyable. And Spurrier beat Georgia...which makes you wonder who will be the best in the SEC. Has to be LSU? Maybe Florida? What a conference...

NFL starts today. On a pure emotional level, it can't touch college football. But, it's still good. Pittsburgh visits Cleveland. We finally get to see what Mike Tomlin has up his sleeve for the Steelers. I have no idea what to expect...that's what makes it so interesting...

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