Thursday, September 20, 2007

WV State Motto; Football Picks

Voting ended last night for a new state slogan...which, unless there's a major upset, will return to "Wild Wonderful West Virginia." First of all, I don't see where it is that big of a deal. We could have as many slogans as we wanted...different slogans for every entrance to the state. Like, for Huntington it should be -- "Huntington Ahead, Turn Back Now." Or for Martinsburg is should be -- "Please Don't Transport Crack Across the State Line." Or for I-79 into Morgantown it should be -- "Welcome to West Virginia. Fairmont is 30 miles South. Look for the big bridge with no roads attached to it."

Apparently "Open For Business" was extrememly unpopular and Manchin was a little afraid he might be recalled over a bad state slogan. I just don't see why it's that big of a deal...seriously.

Other rejected slogans proposed by the Manchin staff included:
  • West Virginia - One Big Happy Family
  • West Virginia - Bob Byrd Lives
  • West Virginia - Yes, it's a state
  • West Virginia - Watch for exploding mobile homes
  • West Virginia - Home to Powerball winner, Jack Whittaker
  • West Virginia - Stay out of Summersville

I could go on, but I won't. I have been pretty poor on making football picks this, for Week 4, I will make picks just to confuse everyone. Here we go:

East Fairmont 21 - Bridgeport 13
John Marshall 42 - North Marion 12
Morgantown 17 - Preston 7
Penn State 24 - Michigan 21 (Aside: Joe Paterno breathes life into Lloyd Carr's body following the game when a Michigan fan loses it and beat Lloyd in the head with a trash can.)
Cincinnati 38 - Marshall 10 (Aside: hahahahaha)
Steelers 28 - 49ers 17

And finally....
WVU 56 - ECU 24 (Aside: Lou Holtz picks ECU to upset WVU...not because his son coaches there. Lou would never be anything but impartial.)

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