Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fairmont - Your Vacation Destination

Well, it's time for part eight of the many part mini-series of why Fairmont should be your vacation destination this summer. First, let me reiterate that I have researched the story that accompanies each attraction as best I could...some of my facts might be off a little.

Just outside Fairmont you will find some waterfalls that have been dubbed "Valley Falls." Valley Falls includes trails, picnic areas, pavillions and a small park for the kids. It is would be easy to waste a full day out at Valley Falls. Let me take you there:

The rocks at Valley Falls are indeed slippery. Several people have slid off the rocks and to their ultimate demise. So...I guess you should probably be somewhat cautious.

Swimming and alcohol are prohibited at Valley Falls. Apparently several thousand Fairmontians perished at the falls during the '70s and '80s. The ragings rapids were too much for the drunk people wading in the water. Oh, and there's a stone from the Grist Mill that used to operate there. It's not there anymore.

Here are a couple of the things in the park to keep the kids busy. A swing that may or may not snap when someone sits on it. And a slide. An awesome swirly slide at that. I would not recommend going down this slide in temperatures above 80-degrees if you like the skin on your legs. hurts. Oh, and larger people might get stuck on the slide too...

A couple shots of the falls. You can see how dangerous they could be to drunk swimmers. I believe the man in the bottom picture is actually escorting his wife out to the edge of the rocks to throw her into the rapids. I can't confirm that though because he chased me away before I could witness the event. Very sad...very, very sad. Valley Falls should not be used for the disposing of loved ones. Please keep that in mind should you visit the falls this summer.

That is one of the many pavillions for rent at the falls. The one above is being set up for a birthday party that no one came to. That has to really hurt someones feelings. They really enjoyed me walking around and taking pictures of their sadness.

And, lastly, the happy wildlife of Valley Falls. You can tell it's a good place because the wildlife are clearly happy. The chipmunk told me that visitors leave lots of food behind for them to eat and he particularly enjoys Lays Potato Chips. So, if you visit, take some Lays for the chipmunk.

Anyway, Valley Falls is yet another reason to visit the Fairmont area. If you're stuck in the city all the time, Vally Falls will seem like a nature getaway. If you're from the mountains, Valley Falls will seem like home...I guess. Anyway, it's a nice place to spend a day in the shade. Just be careful on the rocks...they're slippery.

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