Saturday, July 14, 2007

Storm of the Century

I think I was caught in the storm of the century last night while sitting in the parking lot at Meadowbrook Mall. Well, not really but it was a heckuva storm, let me tell you.

I pulled into a nice parking place...maybe 150-200 feet or so from the entrance of the mall. Well, just about that time it began to rain pretty heavily. I don't mind getting wet but this was some heavy rain and I knew I would be soaked if I were to step out in it for even a moment. So, I decided I would wait for the rain to subside.

So, I sat in my car talking on the cellphone when, suddenly, the storm worsened. Thunder and lightening all around me...things were looking bleak. It was heavy, heavy rain. The parking lot was a virtual river. Small children were being swept away...I was afraid my car would begin to float down the parking in the rising tide.

And then the heavens truly opened and hail began pouring from the sky. Big hail too...not some little ice chucks...we're talking hail of monumental proportions. It sounded as though God himself were dumping bags of ice onto my car (my new car, by the way). I was frozen...couldn't drive away because I would never be able to see. Couldn't leave the car because I would be swept away by the flowing river.

Suddenly, a great lightening bolt emitted from the sky and cell service was lost. The mall lost power and all seemed to be lost. Hail continued to rain down and the water was actually coming down sideways. All was wrong in the world. Then, without warning, the rain lessened. Didn't stop...just lessened. At least enough from me to make a run for it.

Poor idea on my was still raining pretty heavily and I got drenched. (Oh, I didn't have an umbrella.) Upon entering the mall, several people saw that I was soaked. Someone even dared ask me if I got wet in the rain. I nearly exploded. So, soak and wet, I carried on and did the duties I had to do at the mall this evening. Before I left, I decided I should buy an umbrella since I was nearly dry by this point and didn't want to become soaked again. So, I purchased a $15.00 umbrella from Target and, feeling assured I would be adequately protected from the elements, I proceeded back towards the food court area and my awaiting vehicle.

Upon entering the doorway to exit the mall, I raised my umbrella as a defiant gesture toward Mother Nature and the fury she had released upon me. Only, the rain had stopped. Not a drop. But I left my umbrella held high as a signal to all that I will not be caught like this again. Oh no, my will not happen again.

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