Thursday, February 07, 2008


There aren't too many sporting events that raise my blood pressure quite like UNC/Duke. Sure, when WVU plays anyone in football, I get pretty excited. WVU basketball can occassionally bring up the pulse. But everything else pales in comparison to the UNC/Duke game for me. Especially when UNC loses. It's a very, very difficult pill to swallow. Especially considering the non-stop mouth of Dukie V. and the arrogance of Coach K.

Of course, I could make excuses for last night's loss by the Tarheels. Laweson being out of the game surely hurt UNC's chances. The unbelievable hot streak of shooting the Blue Devils got on won them the game. And the return of Dick Vitale can't be underestimated in helping Duke win against UNC. But at the end of the day, Duke unfortunately, again, outplayed UNC at the Dean Dome and walk away with bragging rights...again. It really makes me pretty sick to think about...but, what are you going to do? There's always next game...I guess.

Until then, I will continue just to make fun of Duke as much as possible...

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