Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Races Get Interesting

While McCain seems to be pulling ahead in the Republican nomination race, the Democratic side is just heating up. First, on the GOP side, McCain has enjoyed success largely thanks to Mike Huckabee's ability to draw conservative votes away from Mitt Romney. McCain, a pseudo-conservative at best, has been under serious fire from the conservative movement and it may be very difficult for him to build a strong Republican base...which could play into the hands of the Democrats come November. There's a building feeling in some conservative circles that it would be better to elect a Democrat to lead the country astray rather than allow McCain and his liberal policies have the same effect and hurt the party. I'm not saying I subscribe to those beliefs...but there is that feeling.

On the left, things seem to be getting more interesting. With Barack and Hillary splitting votes on Tuesday for the most part, neither seems prepared to concede. There's a good chance that it will become a bit of a bloody battle down the stretch, especially if Obama's momentum continues. There's little to no chance that the Clinton War Machine will allow Obama to quietly walk away with the Democrat nomination and end the Clinton monopoly on the party. It should definitely be an interesting battle.

All in all, Super Tuesday didn't clear the picture completely for either party. It did make it obvious that it will take a small miracle for Romney to win the Republican nomination but the Democrat victor is still highly in doubt. Should be an interesting few weeks coming up...

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