Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oabama is a runaway train

It would appear to me that the Obama campaign is now a runaway train that Hillary has no chance of stopping. If polling is correct, Obama has now taken a 4-point lead in Texas. If Hillary cannot win Texas and Ohio, and win them in convincing fashion, there is little hope that she will be able to "take it to the convention". If Hillary does manage to remain in the race until the Democratic convention, she could splinter the Democrat party, causing a riff between those who are "exercising the will of the people" and those who have strong Clinton loyalties.

I don't see much hope for her. She's tried every play she has. The latest being a picture of Obama in native Islam garb. It hardly raised an eyebrow. If anything, low blows have backfired on Hillary's campaign. The whining about mistreatment from the press rings untrue considering the free passes Hillary had enjoyed during her reign as First Lady and Senator. There is little left the Clinton campaign can do. There lack of funds and lack of a sufficient gameplan beyond Super Tuesday has doomed them and they will soon be completely irrelevent. The only hope would be an absolute collapse by Obama, and that doesn't appear to be coming. I see this thing being over sooner than probably already is. Hillary just doesn't have the strength to tell us...

On a better note, I present the song stylings of the great Wilson Pickett:

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