Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roger Clemens Before Congress

In what has to be categorized as a sorry debacle, Congress hauled Roger Clemens in today to find out if he really did steroids or not. Clemens denied. Some called him a liar. Some called McNamee a liar. Most people didn't care. I wondered if this is really why we elect politicians. But, it was what it was and there was a multitude of amazing quotes from the hearings. Here are a few that I found on the good ol' Inter-web:

• "Mr. Clemens bled through his designer pants."
• "Mr. Clemens, do you recall any bleeding through your pants in 2001?"
• "Those little band-aids for his butt, if it bled."
• "Mr. Clemens, according to your account, Mr. McNamee injected your wife in your bedroom without your knowledge."
• "That said there was a palpable mass on the right buttock of Mr. Clemens. On another record, it also noticed a similar mass on the left buttock.”
• "That was a hurried instance when we were in the closet."

Go get 'em Congress-people!

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